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16 Jun
I think Jude set me up for cyber crimes. i finally got somewhere today and was able to cancel that damn windows live account. i want to get rid of this machine because my sense it those 16 gigs contain illegal shit– that i did not put on there myself.
trying to get my shit together not easy when i have four fleabay cable vans in the parking lot. i just don;t want to be the next Gary.  any good grad schools in Ireland? I know Jerry is thinking of taking a trip there.
gunshots last night– out of sorts. gotta get to best buy and return this netbook. crap.

On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 11:05 AM, frank wrote

ElyssaD… hi…
shit, I gotta say, I’m currently screwed internetwise – very limited access. I live without broadband 95% of the time, so often I cannot ‘keep up’ with you…
Not totally sure I understand what IS going on right now.
Don’t get me wrong though 😉
I have fam whose house gets ‘burglarised’ once a year. Once a year since 1986. (cue: Libya.) On 2 occasions
FB I badges were flashed. Mind you, I’m talking about ppl in GERMANY!
I met Colonel G. twice 😉
So, shit’s going on grrrrr
As to Ubuntu:
– you need NO disk drive. You can download Wubi (the Ubuntu installer for windows)
BEFORE you do that, defragment your harddrive!
When you’re done defragging, click on ‘computer’ in start menu, right-click c-drive, scroll to ‘properties’ – YOU NEED at least 10GB available to install Ubuntu inside Windows via Wubi! More is better, but 10GB will suffice for online activities. For all else you will still have your windows.
Wubi installs Ubuntu as a dual-boot inside windows. So, when you turn on your pc, you can choose whether you want to boot into win or ubuntu.
Good thing: while inside Ubuntu, you(and YOU only) can transfer files from the win-partition to the Ubuntu partition. So no need to duplicate all your files.
Good THING: once you’re satisfied that Ubuntu works as you want it to work, you can kill all internet services on the windows install, and only use windoze for offline work. Your files on the win-partition will be safe from ‘intruders’, you only go online via Ubuntu.
GOOD THING: though Ubuntu got a lot easier in last 3 years, it is still a learning curve-ball. By dual-boot install you do NOT need to freak out if at first you don’t ‘get’ Ubuntu. You’ll still have windoze to use. Once you get to grips with ubuntu, you can kill windows and assign entire hardrive to Ubuntu. Win-win.
Before you go ahead, let me know the exact type/model of pc – it’ll help me ‘troubleshoot’ any issues you might experience.
There are netbooks that have Ubuntu pre-installed (Dell have some, or: )
Do you still have the 2nd iPhone I sent you? Just to remind you, I can probably get Euro300.00+ for it here. That’s more than $500!
Just an option to consider 😉
VPN on iPhone that isn’t jailbreaked is a joke. Forget about it.
Phone or tablet: do NOT buy anything with fixed memory (ie without memory card) Use a memory card for all storage. Leave internal memory free.
Android tablet is probably okay if you’re careful. DO NOT use free apps! DO NOT USE FREE ANDROID APPS. Pay for them.
And get “Lookout” security if you go for Android. Lookout is in the Android app market.
I gotta ‘go’ now. Quit my ‘’ job today. Bitches are trying to lure me back in… grrrr. Loser club.
IF I occasionally disappear offline or don’t reply right away, or seem to have blocked you or seem to not ‘get’ a point you’re making, it is because of my web-issues. I believe in you. I’m paying attention.
Lots of Love and Power, and fuck’em (that was written on the back of the Arbeit Macht Frei sign 😉  )
Jan >di_zzy<



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16 Jun

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